• You have zero coding experience?

    We help non-technical founders and citizen developers create and run their own web or business application without the need for a developer. The platform will take in your needs/requirements in a conversational format and generate the application for you, providing you with an interface to make changes. All the complexity of running code, hosting, and anything that requires technical knowledge, is wrapped up within the conversational user interface. The non-technical can just state what is needed.
  • What is our long term vision?

    As we enter the market, our focus remains the enterprise space. This is where we will gain customers and become a scalable platform for large swaths of a modern IT-based organization. The intent is to first provide a no-code solution for the individual founder and early startup founding team, then graduating to enterprise-grade applications. We will continue to have non-technical individual founders as a market to service for the foreseeable future.
  • You already know how to code?

    The true north for us as a platform and as a company is to move software development into a no-code, automation driven, natural language processing industry. In that grand mission, we would welcome pilots and experimentations from our peers who are technical founders. Whether it's to prototype, to pilot or to A/B test, we believe everyone should have access to a platform that reduces time to market.

Our Team.

An experienced team who have run engineering teams within enterprises as well as ran their own service based development businesses
  • Daniel Winter
    Daniel is passionate about creating opportunities for growth through technology and automation.
  • Manish Balakrishnan
    Manish loves growing companies and streamlining operations leading with Enterprise Sales & Marketing.

You Ask — We Tell.

Providing answers to some basic questions about the product and pricing.
  • What is included in the pricing?

    Price includes everything needed to build and deploy your dream business application. There are no additional hosting fees, deployment fees, maintenance fees etc., everything is included in your monthly fee. You provide the domain name you want the application to be accessible at, and we do the rest.
  • Why is there a contract period?

    We have a minimum contract period of 6 months. This is primarily because we believe you will need help not just building the initial app, but also iterating on it as you start using your business app in a live environment. Over time, you will understand the nuances of what works and what does not work, and how to improve your application's form or function. All minor tweaks, changes and customization are included in our monthly price.
  • Is there an option to leave after my contract term and take my app with me?

    Yes. After the end of the 6-month contract, or anytime beyond that, if you wish to move away from cloudecho (we don't see a reason why you would) we will help you transition smoothly. Your new development team will be provided the entire front-end and back-end configuration in JSON format, so they can recreate the business application on their own servers.
  • My team has developers. Can we still use cloudecho?

    While cloudecho is built as a platform for non-technical founders, even experienced developers can take advantage of the interface to rapidly build and experiment. This will enable them to spend time on the core logic, and get the other aspects of the application completed quickly. Our focus remains the same: reducing time to market for a new product or business idea.
  • What about customization needed during the build phase ?

    After we analyze your initial needs and convert them into the first version of the business application, you will be able to review and provide recommendations on required customizations.
  • What happens after the 6-month contract?

    We would love for you to use the platform even beyond the 6-month contract and will move you from our regular pricing to a stable 99 USD per month. This enables you to use the cloudecho platform to run your business application without any interruptions.
  • Can I build anything with cloudecho?

    That is, of course, the ultimate goal for the product. But we are on a journey to get there. So, as we start, we will be focusing on certain application segments where we have already built automation and process workflows. These include, but are not limited to, marketplaces, SaaS product websites, payment gateway integration, complex pricing, and any application which requires multiple native third-party integrations.